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Donna Bell is a former radio talk show host and known for having a magical house cleaning company that impacted people to transform their lives through the space that was provided.She is author of: The Glory of Home Webinar Series that facilitate you resolving core issues behind limiting beliefs and behaviors that clutter your home and mind; Radiant Design e-books series (insightful guides that uncover your attitudes and behaviors which perpetuate clutter and diminish your success) and Space Management Trainings and Seminars integrated with Space Profiles on-line training and evaluations.

Donna is an inspirational Personal Life Coach/Consultant, of 25 years, who is founder of Radiant Design Living/Business®/Radiating Point® webinar trainings and curriculum delivered to corporations and small businesses. She is continually exploring new ways to integrate her spiritual understanding, after a death experience, with teaching individuals how to receive sustainable living opportunity. She provides lectures, training,coaching to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.